Introduction to computer

Author: Perter Norton

The book is very easy to follow. I use it to teach Introduction to Computers. It covers all aspects of information systems and uses of computers.


Fast Track to Photoshop

Author(s): Team Digit

It's something like music: everybody loves playing around with images-whether it's painting, altering colours, lending special effects, or even serious stuff lik retouching photographs. The problem is, you need a good tool to e able to do these things, and most folks think Photoshop is too complex. We've got news - it's not!
When someone learns a few Photoshop tricks, his stock value instnatly rises- "Wow, he can actually give a sepia tone a picture!" or "He can use Photoshop to make cu-outs of wallpapers!" Well our idea when we were writing this was that you should be able to teach such folks a thing or tow or more.