The Adventure of Tom Sawyer


Author: Mark Twain

"Tom Sawyer is a mischievous boy being raised by his Aunt Polly in a Missuri town right on the Mississippi River. When the book opens, he's gotten in trouble at school and as punishment is supposed to spend his Saturday whitewashing her fence. But instead he's convinced his friends the job's so fun that they're trading him stuff just for the chance to slap the whitewash on.

When Becky Thatcher moves to town, Tom falls for her hard and they get "engaged." She breaks it off, however, after learning that he's already done this with another girl. To take his mind off his troubles, Tom goes to the town graveyard with Huckleberry Finn, whose dad is the town drunk. In the graveyard, they see the bad Injun Joe kill Doctor Robinson. When the murder's discovered, Injun Joe will blame Muff Potter.

All this becomes too much for Tom, who dares not say what he knows. He and Huck and their friend Joe Harper run off to become pirates. Camping on an island in the river, they come to find out that Aunt Polly believes they've all died and is planning their funeral. They show up!

Back in town, Tom gets his courage and decides to testify against Injun Joe. The rest of this very long book has mostly to do with Injun Joe's escape from the law and the boys' hunt for his treasure. "


Academic Writing


Author(s):  Zemach/Rumisek

A really good book to help you when needing to write essays and academic writing. Very well set out and lots of examples to help you as well as exercises.


Better English Pronounciation

Author: J.D.O'Connor

You will find this book in many classrooms. And for good reason. It systematically and vividly presents sound distinctions. A good similar book is Sheep or Ship, by Ann Baker, also from Cambridge.

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